Crochet Technique: The Magic Circle

The magic circle is probably my favorite crocheting technique because of how effective it is.

It is super effective because it creates a tightly cinched circle with out worry of it coming loose. It also creates a clean and professional look to your crocheting pieces. It is used mostly when working in an increasing round like for beanies and you don’t want a hole at the top of your head.

I use it as often as I can because of how easy it is to make and the polished finish it gives my pieces.

So read on if you’d like to learn how to make one yourself.

(This is a right hand crochet tutorial)

3 Pic Intructions 1-3

Step 1: Use the hand you usually hold your yarn with and place your fingers as shown in picture #1.

Step 2: Place yarn tail between your pinky and thumb and let it drape over your index finger.

Step 3: Wrap yarn around your first 3 fingers so it crosses itself.

3 Pic Instructions 4-6

Step 4: Repeat step 3 and then hold the yarn in place with your thumb and pinky.

Step 5: Insert your hook under the first two strands (from the right) and over the third, preparing to hook the third strand.

Step 6: Twist your hook so it faces away from you, hook the third strand and pull the yarn through, see picture #6.

3 Pic Instructions 7-9

Step 7: Twist your hook so it now faces you again and prepare to put the hook under the 3rd strand (from right) on your index finger.

Step 8: Put the hook under the 3rd strand (from right) on your index finger and pull through the loop already on your hook.

Step 9: Chain the amount of chains your pattern calls for and prepare to crochet the amount of stitches on the circle now created.

3 Pic Instructions 10-12

Step 10: Crochet the amount of stitches you need for you pattern into the circle now formed (1 chain & 11 stitches pictured)

Step 11: Pinch the circle right below the tail and two loops. Pull on tail until the 1st loop (from left) starts to move.

Step 12: Pull the 1st loop on the side opposite from were it moved until the 2nd loop cinches the loop closed.

3 Pic Instructions 13-15

Step 13: Check the cinch of the circle and cinch tighter if needed.

Step 14: Once again pull on the tail until the remaining loop cinches and locks the circle into place.

Step 15: Slip stitch the circle closed and continue your pattern as directed.


Video ONLY tutorial available through this link

Magic Circle Video ONLY Tutorial



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