My First Impression of Knitting, from a Seasoned Crocheter

You guys….knitting is fun!

It had intimidated me for years because I mean, come on, dealing with two needles AND the yarn?!? Scary! 😆

Since I graduated from college earlier this year I’ve been missing the daily learning element I had grown accustomed to so I finally decided to tackle learning to knit.

I’m so glad I did!

So far I’ve taught myself how to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. Here are the things I’ve enjoyed and some of the things that have been difficult.

— Once I got the hang of things I enjoyed how quickly I could move through a skien.

— Watching the stitches form was exciting because I knew I wasn’t messing up!

— Learning continental style helped me catch on so quickly because it felt so similar to the way I have been crocheting for years (If you’re a crocheter I highly recommend learning this style)

— I really liked how stretchable the stitches were. It was a much different stretch from crocheting that I wasn’t expecting.

— Everything was instantly so squishy, I loved it!

Some things that were difficult

— Learning how to position the needles and yarn at the same time was hard and caused me to start over multiple times

— My first stitches slipped off the needles and also caused me to start over (I think this was because I had metal needles, it would have probably been best if I had started out with bamboo needles)

— Don’t knit in poor lighting! I did this the first night because I couldn’t put it down but in the morning I noticed I had messed up on a small section and was too scared to unravel everything to fix it. Thankfully it’s a small section that can easily been hidden.

— I didn’t expect the purl stitch to curl so much so I’ll have to learn how to keep it straight for future projects.

I’m hooked (😉) on knitting! I’m so glad I learned and I’m so excited to learn more and maybe even tackle making a sweater this fall, we’ll see!




I used YouTube to teach myself and there were two people who I relied on,

Expression Fiber Arts – She is both a crocheter and knitter and helped me so much!

Good Knit Kisses – I used this video to purl because she goes slowly enough that I can follow along easily.

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