My Current Season: Mom of two wanting to run faster than her two feet can take her.

I’m week 3 into 6 weeks of postpartum recovery and I have to tell you, I am itching to get back into an exercise routine. My pregnancy was hard for me for a lot of reasons but one was I wasn’t able to effectively exercise and because of that I feel like a piece of me has been missing. Here I am sitting in bed, in the dark (not the actual dark, we’ve got a night light – gotta be able to see that babe when we are groggy and sleep deprived 😉) burping my newborn listening to all my old workout music and the desire to get outside and run is burning hot and bright.

But I can’t. Not yet. Not like I used to.

I’ve gone through a lot of different seasons of physical activity. From zilch to training for a marathon to doing CrossFit, running multiple days a week, and yoga concurrently. The most important thing I’ve learned from those different seasons is each season has its own time and value.

As easy as it is for me to turn my running music on, close my eyes, and take myself back to all those memories and desire to exercise, I know I have to wait to experience those again.

My season now is one of rest and recovery. This season is the hardest for me deal with and often times I feel like I’m just sitting through it and it’s not doing me any good. Then I close my eyes, breath the smell of my newborn in and remember the value of the season I’m in. This season is my foundation, I’m starting over and I must make it count. I am laying the ground work to once again to be drenched in sweat and feel adrenaline and endorphins corse through my body.

So here is my challenge to you. Find the season you’re in. Find it and name it. Start there, but don’t expect to stay because I won’t be and neither should you. Then accept the challenge before you, accept how difficult it will be and the hard days you know will be waiting for you.

But know when you look back you’ll see all the incredible progress you’ve made and you’ll stand a little taller.

You might have to start over like me but that is OK. You can do hard things.

And just remember, the desire to exercise must come within you and only you. You can workout and eat healthy for every outside reason in the book but none of it is ever going to stick if the desire doesn’t come from within. You have to feel the pull to go, to be better, to improve.

I’m definitely feeling that pull and I hope you are too.



Photo by Mocoy Artistry All Photography Done and Owned by Caitlin Yocom of Mocoy Artistry // Insta: @mocoyartistry

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