My Son’s Crochet Blessing Outfit

Crocheting my little guys blessing outfit was wonderful. Since I made his older brothers out of one of my husbands old dress shirts, I thought this time around I’d make it out of something I love. Crochet! (Obviously).

I also wanted it to be warm, since it’s the middle of January and it’s way to cold for my taste. Plus the cabling adds to the adorableness factor!

I plan to keep his outfit and blanket (my mom makes all her grandchildren blankets for their blessing day, she is amazing!) to give to him when he has his own little boy.

It will be fun to be able to look back and remember how tiny his feet were and they once fit in his cute little Freshly Picked moccasins.

These times go by way too fast and I want all the reminders I can get of my sweet little boys!

Share with me the ways you hold onto memories of you’re babies!



See the how to post for the crochet jacket here

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