How To: Basic Collared Crochet Jacket

I recently made a blessing jacket for my son (see post here) and I figured I’d share the method behind how I made it.

I don’t like working from classic patterns. I find them easy to misunderstand and then I end up with a crocheted item that looks nothing like it is suppose to (anyone else with me?). So instead I create patterns as I go, by using measurements and knowing how stitches work.

I made this chart that has all of the different kinds of measurements I take when working on projects. I’ll share which measurements I took for my son’s jacket in the instructions below.

The following is what I used for the jacket but you can adjust what you need to.

Basic Collared Crochet Jacket

Intermediate – H HookCaron Brand Yarn– Toggle Buttons

Measurements: 2,3,6,7,8,10,11

The instructions are for more of a form fitting jacket. If you’d like a less form fitted jacket add an extra 3-4 inches to the measurements (i.e. instead of just 4″ add 8″).

Step 1. Make pieces using measurements previously taken. Make chains for each piece

Back Panel: Width = Half of Torso measurement plus 1-2 inches. Length = Measurement #10.

Front Panels: Width = 1/4 of width of back panel, plus 1-2 inches. Length = Measurement #10. Make two of these.

Sleeves: Diameter = Measurement #11 x2, plus 1-2 inches. Should be similar to the biceps measurement (#2). Length = Measurement #7.

Collar: Width = 1/2 the width of back panel. Length = 2x torso length/height + 4x unsewn shoulder length + collar width. (I suggest not making the collar until you get to Step 5 just so you can get an accurate length)

Button Loops: Long enough to go from where they start to around the button and back. This can be eye balled in Step 6.

Step 2: Take the back and front panels (right side together) and slip stitch where indicated. DO NOT sew all the way together, leave about 1/3 unsewn. See graphic.

Step 3: Slip stitch sides together, leaving enough room for the sleeves to be added later.

Step 4: Slip Stitch sleeves onto bodice (right sides together). See graphic.

Step 5: This is where I suggest actually making your collar. Make a chain the width of your collar and then crochet until you get a strip that matches your length measurement from above. Double check your measurements by measuring the actual crochet piece.

Slip stitch the collar onto the bodice.

*Remember the unsewn shoulder part from earlier? Make sure you don’t skip sewing that onto the collar (the sewn shoulder seam should butt up against the collar).

Step 6: Create your button loops. Sew both the loops and buttons onto the bodice.

*I used and i-cord stitch to create the button loops.

I like cabling and wanted the jacket to have a warm, cozy feel to it since my son is being blessed during winter.

You can choose how to embellish your jacket with stitch anyway you want. Just make sure your measurements are correct!

If you make your own be sure to share and tag me on Instagram @thewhistlingbluebird

Have fun!



*Edit: If you are adding a ribbed hem like the one pictured subtract the thickness of the ribbing from the length of the bodice pieces. Then once your jacket is sewn together add your ribbed hem.

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