African Flower Crochet Hexie: How To

I taught myself how to make the african flower hexie years ago and it is still one I enjoy making over and over again.

I’m going to get right into the pattern instead of writing a bunch of tips first. I’ll leave those for the end if you feel the need for more help. Just scroll to TIPS.

It is a beautiful crochet hexagon that can be worked up in any color combo. Here’s a few,

Pattern Level – Intermediate

Terms Needed to Know

– dc = double crochet

– sc = single crochet

– Sl. St. tog. = slip stitch together

Materials Needed

Favorite Yarn & Hook

Round 1: Create a magic circle with 12 double crochet stitches (one of these will be a chain). See this post here for instructions on how to do a magic circle. Slip stitch together and tie off

Round 2: CHANGE COLORS. Add 4 double crochets in the gap between every other dc of the magic circle.

*TIP: To get your starting chain to blend in, start with 2 dc in a section and then complete the cluster at the end of your round.

Round 3: Add 6 double crochets in the middle of each cluster of four dc from the previous round. Sl. St. tog. and tie off

*apply technique for blending starting chain in from above, this time just start with 3 dc.

Round 4: CHANGE COLORS. Single crochet into each previous dc stitch. When you get to in between the clusters of 6’s, single crochet all the way down to the cluster of 4’s (see picture ref.). Sl. St. tog. and tie off.

Round 5: CHANGE COLORS. Double crochet into each single crochet from the previous round. Make your corners on the stitch that is in the middle of the cluster of six or “petal” of the flower. For the corner crochet 1 dc, chain 1, 1 dc; all in the same stitch. Sl. St. tog. and tie off.


– If you want it to look like a flower use the same color for the center and outside rounds. Doing this will highlight the petals, creating the flower look.

– Start each new color at a different spot. Doing this will hide your chain starts better and create a more seamless flower.

– I know you might want to add another sc right after the long/tall sc. DONT DO THIS. It will add an extra stitch and your hexagon will lay funny. *think of each petal separately. Each petal needs 6 single crochets. Those 6 include the 1 long/tall sc and 5 normal/short sc.

– Leave long ends. When you go to sew them in you’ll be able to make them more secure and it will be harder for the end to come undone.

– Pick contrasting colors, light and dark and you’ll always have a good looking hexie!

I’d love to see your hexies that you make with my pattern so tag me on Instagram @thewhistlingbluebird. If this was a helpful tutorial please share with your friends.



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