February Favorite: The Only Nursing Cover You’ll Ever Need

Cover Goods Post Head Image.pngWelcome to my first post of my new series of monthly favorites. I’ll be doing one favorite a month. It will be from any category I choose to highlight that month. I want to share things that help me in my life and can maybe help you too!

This month I chose to highlight my favorite nursing cover of all time.

Covered Goods The Original 4-in-1 Nursing Cover

covered goods

I found Covered Goods shortly after I finished nursing my first child and was bummed I hadn’t found them earlier. I’ve been eyeing their covers for almost 3 years! When I found out I was pregnant with my second it was one of the first baby items I purchased.

Here is why they are soooo great.

The cover provides a full 360 degree coverage when nursing (no flashing anyone with those tiny little covers!) The knit material is soft and has a great stretch. So even if you’ve got a wiggler, Covered Goods will always keep you covered. It is not bulky at all and feels like an extra lightweight layer. I wish I would have had a Covered Goods nursing cover with my first but being able to use it with my second has been so easy and so simple. I slip it on over my head and around my torso and it’s ready to go!


It is breathable too! The knit fabric allows for just the right amount of air flow so I don’t have to worry about my little one getting overheated under an big piece of fabric. I love it!

It is the perfect car seat cover. With my first I made my own minky cover, while it was great, it was often annoying because every time I’d check on him I had to lift the entire thing up and I usually ended up waking him. With my Covered Goods all I have to do is slightly pull the top opening down and I can see my babe immediately and I never wake him up! This is my absolute favorite design of the cover.


Oh and let’s talk about nursing in public! Covered Goods makes this a breeze. I never once felt awkward or out of place while we took these pictures. I felt completely covered and comfortable! I ate my meal while the little guy was eating his, it was great!

It also can be used to cover shopping cart seats and high chairs at restaurants. I don’t like to think about it but we all know how high trafficked those shopping carts are. Having that extra layer of protection between my baby and who knows what, helps me not have a little freak out that my baby just started munching on the handle bar – yuck!

Covered Goods is the original multi use cover and is really the best nursing and car seat cover out there. From keeping you covered while nursing, keeping your babe away from prying eyes and unwanted germs to being a seamless addition to your wardrobe with all the great colors and prints offered. You will be going back to get a second one (or a third) – trust me, I’ve got one for just nursing and one for just a car seat cover!

xo Sara


All Photography Done and Owned by (the ever so talented) Catie Yocom of Catie Yocom Photo. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR COPY, please.

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