My Fitness Journal

I am a big journal keeper. Right at this moment I currently have not one, not two, but seven, SEVEN journals I am keeping. Each one has a specific purpose and maybe I’ll talk about each one later but today I want to talk about my fitness journal.

This journal is actually a relatively new one. I just started it this year after wanting to more concretely keep track of physical fitness improvement. I have never keep a formal fitness journal besides MyFitness Pal calorie counter, so I have never been able to see on paper my progression. Which, when I think about it, I have no clue why I haven’t been doing this already because I am a big numbers person, I like to see and interpret data.

My new fitness journal is tangible, instead of being on my phone because lets be honestly I would probably forget about it if it was on my phone. I like that I can actually write my progress down with a pen and paper.

I will be showing how I set up my journal and why I set it up that way. Let’s get started!

The first page. My overall improvement monthly measurements. Although this page does have my weight as a measurement, I want you to notice where it is on the page. Do you see it down at the bottom? Yeah, that is where it should always be. It is not my top priority, it does not define me (I’m not going to obsess about it, been there, done that) and  it doesn’t really give me any super useful information, so at the bottom is stays.  I am focusing on my actual body measurements because those numbers will be way more telling of my improvement.


For example losing 5 inches off my waist but staying the same weight tells me I traded fat tissue for good healthy muscle! Which is EXACTLY what I want!

And those are my real measurements because I want to be real with you and not hide anything. I’ve done this “getting in shape thing” three times over now and I am completely comfortable sharing my numbers and results. My goal with sharing my numbers is to help you be confident in your body and learn that numbers will never define you.

The next couple pages will be for my benchmark tests I will be doing. I haven’t done them yet because I simply haven’t been ready (I decided to slow down and take it easy my first 3 months postpartum). I am however going to be doing them soon and will repeat them 2-3 more times throughout the year. This will be a workout designed to test all areas of my fitness and will be the same for each assessment, making it simple and easy to compare and track my fitness level.


After my assessment pages comes probably my favorite pages. The workout themselves! I broke down each work out based on the main category it would fit in, like upper body, lower body, cardio, etc. This is where I will write down each workout I do, so I will have a quick reference to workouts I know I love. It will also be great to go back and see how my loads and difficulty levels change throughout the year. My categories are:

  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Cardio
  • Running (this is separate from cardio because I run so much it needed its own category)
  • CrossFit (deserves it’s category because I love it so much)
  • Whole Body
  • and extra room to add more if I need more during the year.

If I choose to do any workouts from fitness gurus I follow on insta I will be putting their handle next to the workout, so I can quickly know where the workout came from and be able to go back to their page for more inspiration!


At the back of the journal, which I have not yet set up, will be for improvement graphs at the end of the year. I can’t wait to see those!

This is journal I brought off of amazon. It is a great bullet journal. It has nice thick pages with no bleeding, with a good sturdy cover that will hold up to wear and tear, I plan to take it to the gym with me, making the cover perfect. A bullet journal is great for this kind of journal because you can customize it to however you see fit.

If you use a fitness journal, how do you use yours? I would love to know!

Thank you for following along with me on this journey and supporting me, love you guys!

xo Sara

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