Quilt Making: Pressing and Squaring Your Squares


Another week, another quilt making post brought to you by my ADORNit Ambassadorship. Last week I taught you how to cut the half triangle squares from your fabric strips. This week I’m teaching you how to press and square those squares.

This step is a crucial one. Mess up here and your seams of each square will be off  when it’s all said and done. If you’re anything like me, it will drive you CRAZY.

Because of that fact, I decided to make this post dedicated strictly to getting it right. I was going to add on how to cut binding but that will be next post.


Step 1: Make sure your iron is warmed and ready to go. Before ironing a square, test the heat of your iron on a scrap piece so you don’t end up scorching your beautiful quilt. This fabric is 100% cotton, so I set my iron accordingly and tested a scrap.


Step 2: Place your square upside down with the seams showing. Take your iron and press the seams closed towards the darker fabric. Doing this will give your seams more structure and they will be less likely to pop open once the quilt has been loved. Pressing towards the dark fabric will also hide the seams from the right side and you won’t be able to see them.

TIP: Pull the square slightly at a corner when the iron is placed on square (before pressing seam closed) this will pull the fabric flat and create a correct flat seam with no hidden fabric, which would skew your final measurements. See, there are so many ways a quilt could go wrong even before its all sewn together!

pressing squaresIMG_3360IMG_3358

This yellow floral fabric ADORNit sent me still has my heart so much!


This step is built upon the previous step. Make sure your squares are pressed flat so the true size of the square is correct. See previous photo to see the difference between a pressed and unpressed square.

Squaring an unpressed square will always skew your finished measurements. Take the time to get that iron out!

Step 1: Get out your cutting mat and acrylic ruler. Line up at least one side of your square on your mat. I chose to line mine up at the 8.5 inch mark. I did this because I wanted to place the ruler over the square to prevent as much shifting as I could when I cut the square. Do whatever feels most comfortable for you. Take your ruler and line it up so you will have the correct measured square once cut. I lined it up at the very edge of mat marks because I wanted as little shifting as possible. Cut the side of the square.

IMG_3362.JPGI realize this picture is not completely lined up but in my defense I had my baby in my lap. I promise I lined it back up once I cut it!

Step 2: You will now have a side that does not line up correctly with the diagonal seam. Don’t worry, line this edge up to cut. Making sure your other edges are lined up to the square’s correct measurement. Line up your ruler and make that cut baby!


Step 3: This step is just double checking your cuts. I like to place the square on the mat and measure it. I have found I usually only have to cut two sides of my squares. Although I know other people like to cut each side to ensure a complete square square. I guess you could say I like to live dangerously (sorry for the bad joke, I just had to take it!). If everything is measuring fine then you are golden and ready for the next step!

Layout and Sewing it all together! Tune in next week!

Here is a picture of the difference between a unsquared square and ones that have been squared. The difference is just slight but makes a big difference, just imagine if you didn’t square and just went right to sewing, all your seams would be off big time!

IMG_3364.JPGI hoped you enjoyed this weeks lesson and I can’t wait to teach you how to put all the squares together in the beautiful herringbone pattern.

See ADORNit for the gorgeous floral fabric as well and many other different quality fabrics.




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