Quilt Making: Sewing Your Squares Together

Our quilt is almost finished! This post will be the second to last, next time I will be teaching how to quilt and bind on your regular sewing machine!

I need to thank ADORNit for providing the beautiful yellow floral and the grey striped fabric. I am still so in love with it and how perfect it is for spring. It fits my personality so well too, I like to spread happiness as much as I can so yellow is my favorite color because it is a little reminder to be happy!

Step 1: First things first, make sure you have enough space to lay out your entire quilt. This is to make sure your pieces fit well together and you can get whatever pattern you are going for to work correctly.

I always draw out my quilt on grid paper first and then I only have to put my pieces into place (saves me an extra step and time).

Once you’ve laid your pieces out flat, go row by row and sew the squares together. If you are not experienced enough [yet] make sure to pin or clip (I have some amazing sewing clips that are SOOO much better than dealing with pins) your pieces together.

SIDE NOTE: If you haven’t already, get yourself some sewing clips, like ASAP. They will change. your. sewing. life. I’m not even exaggerating. I got some about two years ago and I have never gone back. They are incredibly easy to use and hold fabric in place like magic, they even have larger ones to use if you have thicker fabric or need a longer hold. I think these clips should be a staple in every quilters tool kit.

Alright back to the quilt.

Step 2: Going row by row sew your squares together like you laid them out. Now do not skip this next step! Press, press, press your seams. Press each seam the opposite way of the previous seam.  If you pressed to the right first then press to the left for the next seam and on and on. When pressing a new row of squares start pressing your first seam the opposite way from the previous row you just did.

This is called nesting and will allow all of your seams to lay flat in your finished product. No sewing over thick seams, yay!

nesting seams


See how beautiful all those pressed and nested seams look?!? Giving me all the heart eyes!

Step 3: Once your squares are sewn together in rows and pressed you can now sew each row together. Since the rows are long you will need to pin to make sure all your seams are lined up.

EXPERT TIP: pin/clip your rows together by first pinning at the seams and then wherever else is needed. I usually will clip in the middle of each square and then close to the end of each row.


Once each row is sew together you have your finished quilt top. Pat yourself on the back, you’ve created a beauty!

psssst…… don’t forget to press those new seams you just sewed.

Please excuse my messy and poorly lit craffice (craft+office) but at night is really the only time I get to work on big projects. I like it because I get alone time and I get to catch up on all my favorite podcasts. Right now I am loving Awesome With Alison. What are some of your favorites?

Next week we will be putting all the layers together. Quilt top, batting, backing, and binding. Click here if you missed last weeks lesson on how to square and press your individual squares

Thanks for reading along and learning as you go!

xo Sara


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