Crochet Technique: An Invisible Seam

Have you ever made a beautiful crochet piece only to have a lumpy knot when you finish and tie off?

Or even worse, when piecing a blanket together and getting to that lumpy knot and having it throw off the stitch count and make the pieces not line up?

Yeah, so annoying. And so not worth back tracking to line those pieces up.

This crochet technique is what I use to finish off pieces I absolutely need to make sure I don’t throw my stitch count off on. It connects the first and last stitch with a proper stitch.

I love it so much and when I started using it, it took my blankets up another notch.

So here we go, let’s jump right in!

Materials Needed:

Crochet Piece

Tapestry Needle

Your lovely hands and fingers


Step 1: Instead of slip stitching and tying off the round, cut a long tail and pull the loop on your hook until the tail goes all the way through.

You will now have a gap at the end of your round. Thread your needle and get ready to do some sewing.

Step 2: Taking the threaded needle, thread it under the first stitch of the round and pull all the way through.

You will now have one side of your sewn stitch complete.

Step 3: Take the needle and insert it into the middle of the last stitch and pull all the way through.

You will now have your stitch almost completed.

Here is where I’ve added an extra detail to make it truly invisible. Flip your piece so you can see the back. Do you notice the big gap still?

Now notice how the other stitches have an extra yarn piece connecting them. This is what we are sewing now.

Step 4: Take the needle and insert it into the back of the post of the first double crochet of the round, pull all the way through.

Tada!! You now have an invisible seam! Cool, huh?

Step 5: Weave in all your ends and get to piecing that blanket girl! (without any cursing that you have back track 😉).

How awesome is this technique?!? I loooove it so much, it makes my heart happy that all my stitches are even and look the same.

I use it all the time. It is definitely worth the extra time and gives you a huge payout when you’re looking at a finished piece.

No more having your eyes pulled to those lumpy knots dotting your piece!

It’s subtle but oh so worth it.

Do you use this technique? If you do, let’s connect on Instagram and tell me how much you love it too!



ps. Can you tell the difference?

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