Quilt Making: Attaching Binding, the easy way


Attaching binding can be a chore but I taught myself an easier way! This method involves sewing down both raw edges, folding it over and then sewing it to the back of the quilt.

Not only is this method easier, it is also cleaner, hides all raw edges, and allows for easier mitered corners!

I will be teaching how to sew a mitered corner after the steps for how to attach the binding. Jump to “mitered corners” if you just want to read that.

Let’s get right into it.

Step 1: Your binding should already be made, if not see this post. Clip or pin the raw edge of binding onto the front of your quilt. Both the raw edges of the quilt and binding should match each other.


Step 2: Sew ends of binding together to create a continuous binding and then sew that down onto the quilt. See “mitered corners” for how to sew your corners.

Step 3: Fold binding over and clip or pin in preparation for sewing. Make sure the folded edge of the binding goes past the seam from sewing it onto the front of the quilt. This can be easily felt with your fingers while pinning.

Step 4: Sew binding down all the way around the quilt. You should have a nice clean sew line on the front of your quilt that does not touch the binding.

mitered corners cover photo

Mitered Corners: Mitered corners can be frustrating but with this method they are a hecka-lot easier. When you come to a corner follow this guide.

First – when you come to a corner while pining your binding, fold the binding at a 45 degree angle.

Second – Fold the binding over the previous fold allowing for it to lay on top of 45 degree fold and then line it up with the new edge of the quilt. Clip/pin everything down well.

Third – When sewing  a corner, stop 1/4th inch away from corner and rotate the quilt so you will be sewing off the quilt at a 45 degree angle. Then fold the corner over and sew onto the quilt at a 45 angle a 1/4th inch and turn quilt to line the  presser foot back up with new edge of quilt and continue onto the next corner and repeat.

Fourth – When finishing the corners, follow the fold off one edge of the quilt, making the binding at the corner create and 45 degree angle. Then simply fold over the next edge of the quilt, creating the mitered corner. You may have to play around with lining up the binding but it should create a nice crisp corner.

Make sure to pin/clip a TON for this step! It keep your binding nice and straight.

Fifth – Sew all the way around the binding attaching it to the quilt

mitered corner fold over sewnAnd there you have it, you have mitered a quilt corner. Don’t worry if it takes you a few quilts to get this skill down. I still have a hard time with it! Practice, practice, practice.

I hope this was helpful and you were able to learn a new skill!

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