Obsessed With It: Hey June Jewelry

obsessed with it - hey june

A little intro to my new series before I jump in. I’ve been wanting to share more of the things I love beside just once a month (my monthly favorite series) and to do that I am starting this “Obsessed With It” category.

It will be a place for me to share shops I’m, ya know, obsessed with! One thing will be for certain. The things I share in this series will be things I use in my life, have changed my life, inspired me, taught me. You get the picture, obsessed.

So let’s get to it!


Hey June Jewelry

I’m a minimalist jewelry lover and Hey June does just that with all of their beautiful jewelry.

I found Hey June through their instagram, @heyjuneshop, last year and quickly ordered myself some studs. I loved them sooo much that Santa brought me four new pairs for Christmas.

Run by a husband and wife team, Greg and Bonnie, Hey June works so hard to give you over 50 different styles to choose from and that’s just their studs!

Each piece also gives you the choice between three different metals, silver, gold, and rose gold. Currently my stash is tied between gold and rose gold being the favorite.

My favorite thing about following Hey June on Instagram is when they share behind the scenes. You can really get a feel for the amount of love they put into their brand and each piece of jewelry they send out. You can see how much your support really means to them, they are a great company and wonderful people!


I’m a sucker for a good stud earring. I’m even more of a sucker when they are gorgeous and affordable. I didn’t even have a chance when I discovered Hey June, I was bound to purchase some!

At $9 a pair for their stud earrings you won’t be able to stop at just one pair, believe me, I’ve got 8 pairs and have my eye on more.

Right now Hey June is having a Mother’s Day sale with the entire store 20% off with the code MAMA20. So spoil yourself, mom, sister, cousin, or bestie, this Mother’s Day, I know I will be!







Since I always want to be transparent with you, Hey June gave me 4 studs for my time and because I worked with them to promote their Mother’s Day sale. I have bought and will buy more in the future because I LOVE THEM!

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