Fabric Yarn with Free Bowl Pattern

fabric yarn featured image

The fabric used in this project was given to me by ADORNit as part of my ambassadorship with them. Links for fabric used Friends Words Pink Fabric, Bouquet Polka Fabric, Burnish Orchid.

Hi, my name is Sara and I am obsessed with yarn.

So much so, that I make my own occasionally.

In the previous post, here, I detailed how to rip fabric for any project you decide to work on. Well, I’m using my ADORNit fabric to make a fabric yarn bowl.

Before I forget, here are all the technical details for my yarn.

– 2 inch wide pieces

– Strips pressed in half

– 2.5 yards of fabric ripped into strips

– approx 45 strips

– Q sized hook

Step 1: Rip fabric into 2″ wide strips and then see each strip end to end. Then press strips in half, creating your fabric yarn.

*If you have a serger, I’d recommend serging the ends together for a tighter seam. If not, then a simple straight seam with some back stitching will be fine.

Step 2: Make your bowl! The FREE pattern is below!

Treat the fabric yarn like a really thick, chunky yarn and grab a Q sized hook!

Round 1: Chain 4. Slip stitch beginning and end chains together to form a loop.

Round 2: Chain 2. Crochet into the loop, 11 double crochets. Slip stitch round closed.

R3: Chain 2. In each following stitch, increase by adding 2 single crochets in every stitch. Slip stitch round closed.

R4: Chain 2. Working in the back loop only, Add one double crochet in each stitch. Slip stitch round closed.

R5 – R6: Chain 2. Add one double crochet in each stitch in the round. Slip stitch round closed.

R7 – R8: Chain 1. Add one single crochet into each stitch in the round. Slip stitch round closed.

To finished off the bowl weave in the remaining ends.

I made the bowl twice. Once to make the yarn more malleable and then again because, ya know, I undid the first bowl 😜.

I really love making yarn like this because of the incredible variation you get. Each piece you make will truly be one of a kind. Just like your beautiful self!

If you make your own fabric yarn and bowl, share with me and tag me on instagram @thewhistlingbluebird. I’d love to connect with you there!



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