May Favorite: We Are Knitters

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I reached out to We Are Knitters, asking if I could work with them. They said yes, and kindly sent a crochet kit, of my choosing, to review. I have always been an admirer of their work and products, I am so appreciative to have been able to work with them. 

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What a company! I have been impressed with We Are Knitters since I found them on the good ol’ trusty square picture app (*ahem* instagram). They blew me away with all their gorgeous, drool-worthy knit and crochet. I have to admit, I got scrolled pretty deep into their feed, I just couldn’t stop!

We Are Knitters or WAK, was founded in September of 2012 and has been on a mission to get everyone knitting (and crocheting) their clothes. I have also been seriously impressed by their commitment to quality fibers and sustainability. The bag their kit comes in is recyclable and reusable, um hello, brand new bag to keep all my wips in! You can learn more about them by going to their about page here.

The best thing they offer are their kits! They send you everything you need to complete your handmade piece. The pattern, hook, yarn, sewing needles, label, and even a fun sheet of stickers! No need to run down to the craft store real quick because you didn’t grab enough skeins, even though you were sure you could make it work with what you grabbed the first time.


Now lets talk about this beauty of a cardigan, the Pann Cardigan. I am head over heals in love with it. If you follow me on instagram, then this is old news because I can’t stop talking about how much I love it.

The cotton yarn is so dreamy and so soft. It is easy to work with and works up beautifully. I mean, obviously, just look at how those stitches look!


The pattern is also a great design. Light, open, and airy, perfect for summer! Adding a little bohemian love to your outfits especially with the amazing fringe detailing.


The pattern you receive with your kit has all the information you need in it. It has stitch diagrams for multiple sizes and for each piece (fronts, back, sleeves) as well as a written pattern with stitch counts. It was easy to follow and gave tips along the way to ensure you’re able to make the cardigan in no time.


I learned so much about the crochet garment making process and am now completely hooked, pun intended.

If you need me I’ll either be running through fields of flowers wearing this beauty or sitting in my favorite crochet spot (because I know you have one too), crocheting up some new top. The former was just to create a pretty picture in your head but I’ll most likely be doing the later, won’t you join me? Grab a WAK kit and let’s get started!



Come say hello on instagram, I’ll try my hardest to be cool, but let’s be honest, if you watch my stories, I’ll be weird and awkward!


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