June Favorite: Bapron Baby

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I personally know the owner of BapronBaby and asked her to work with me for this month’s favorite. I did not receive any product for free and use BapronBaby in my everyday life. All photos are owned and copyrighted by Caitlin Yocom of CatieYocomPhoto. DO NOT copy, alter, or sell photos.


This is what comes out of my mouth every time I talk about BapronBaby. These bibs have been a game changer since we first started using them with our oldest, 2 years ago. We used to only have one, now we have five.


We were using the regular bibs you can get from big box stores and hated them so much that we were undressing our baby every time he ate a messy meal because we didn’t want to use the small bibs, that did nothing to save his clothes from stains. I mean, that’s what bibs are suppose to do, right?

I met the owner, Kelsey, of BapronBaby on Instagram, purchased my first bib (the geo bear one) and was so dang excited for it to come in the mail. We tried it as soon as we could and have been loyal ever since.


I have a very strong emotional attachment to all our BapronBaby bibs. Here’s why,

They have been incredibly and carefully designed for your baby. So much consideration has gone into making them superior to any other bib. I’m going to tell you all about it because, like I said, I’m really attached.

But if you don’t want to wait until the end, to get your own, then click here to read BapronBaby’s about page and then add all your favorite prints to your cart.


First, food stains don’t stay. The fabric the bibs are made from is  100% waterproof and stain resistant. Let your little one go crazy with their spaghetti dinner, with a quick wash, it will be like it never even happened, I can’t say the same for your walls though 😉

Washing the bib is, honestly, the easiest thing to do. I usually will do a quick hand wash with a drop of dawn and then let it air dry. I even throw it in the washer + dyer and it’s like I have a brand new out of the box BapronBaby.


The bib covers everything. I use to get pretty bad anxiety whenever I’d watch my first born eat before he had his Bapron. I had to make sure he wasn’t staining his clothes and was constantly wiping his face, which he did NOT like, needless to say mealtime was stressful. Now with my second I literally will let him play with his baby food and not give a second thought to him staining his clothes. Life changing, peeps.

The bib has been designed to be long enough to go past your baby’s waist and will bowl up in their lap, catching any spills that might make their way down there. It also covers them to their sides and their shoulders. Talk. About. Coverage!



And now for my absolute favorite feature. The ties. The ties man, they are straight out of bib heaven.

One thing I constantly hated about our old bibs, was where they tied, around my baby’s neck. I always felt uneasy tying a bib around his neck, especially when he got chunky. You hear all the things you need to make sure not to let be around a baby’s neck, but for some reason a bib is ok? eh, it just never made sense to me.

That is why I LOVE where the BapronBaby ties. It ties at the base of their shoulders. I know, I had to pick my mouth off the ground when I first used one. I fell deeply in love with my Bapron just because of this feature. The placement of the ties gives you a more secure and snug fit and with the added length of the ties, means you can fit from 6 months to 3 years. Uh, yeah. Freakin’ golden egg of bibs.


So I hope I’ve convinced you of my love for BapronBaby and for you to want to replace all the bibs you have hiding in the bottom drawer of your kitchen.

And if all that wasn’t enough then I want you to know, the shirt I’m wearing is 100% white cotton and hand wash only. That is how confident I am in my Baprons, confident enough to wear a “only wear in a bubble” shirt, because I know once I take his bapron off and pick him up, there won’t be bright orange yams all over him or me.

I love my BapronBaby bibs and I hope you’ll love them too.

Come hang out on Instagram and we can talk even more about them and become BapronBaby-loving friends!

Have fun enjoying mealtime again!




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