Chaining in Crochet

Learning to chain is a foundational skill. Every pattern you will ever work with, will require at least one chain.

It’s also super easy to learn, so don’t stress about it!

It’s just a series of yarning over and pulling through the previous loop.

Here are the super simple steps to be on your way to becoming a chaining master.

Step 1: put a slip knot onto your hook

Step 2: take your hook and wrap the yarn over your hook (yarn over)

Step 3: secure the yarn with your hook and pull the yarn through the loop previously created (pull through)

Step 4: repeat the yarn over and pull through method until you have the desired number of chains.

Keep chaining until you feel confident and then undo your chain and start over to work on making your tension uniform.

See how easy that is!

Just remember, each “v” is one chain, see the last picture for reference.

Have fun learning your chaining and I’ll be back to teach more stitches soon!



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