Meet The Hayden Blanket

the hayden blanket cover photo.jpg

photos taken and owned by Catie Yocom of CatieYocomPhoto. DO NOT copy, sell or redistribute, please.

Today is the day! The sun is shinning, the tank is clea– , name that movie 😉

I have been looking forward to this day for weeeeks. I have been working towards this day for months. So many late nights spent working on this pattern while my family sleeps and now I am finally here. The day I get to release my first blanket pattern.

It is so fitting for it to have turned out to be this pattern. This was the very first pattern I created on my own and my very first pieced blanket. I’ve learned so much in those 3 years, and I especially feel like I finally found my style and signature for this blanket.

This blanket is also very special to me because I have named it after and will be giving it to one of my very best friend’s baby. She is like family and I will most definitely be hand delivering this blanket to her.

Thank you for being here to let me share this with you. I love you all so much for that. I love the amount of support I have felt and seen, you are wonderful.

The pattern can be purchased here

In the pattern you will recieve

  • pattern breakdown
  • written pattens (full + half hexagon)
  • picture guides
  • stitch diagram guides
  • layout method
  • joining method
  • pros and cons of when to weave in ends
  • tips + troubleshooting

If you end up making your own blanket from my pattern please share with me on social media by tagging me in the comment and photo! I want to see your beautiful and hard work!


Thank you for the love,



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