Free Hexagon Blanket Template PDF


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How do you plan your crochet blankets?

Are you a “I’ll wing it” or “I’m planning out my vision”?

I use to just wing my blanket layouts every time I’d make a new one. It was ok and worked that way for a while but then I started needing to do something different for my sanity.

I am a planner but I used to not be that way. I use to jump right into my creations and hope I’d find my vision along the way. But here’s why that stopped working for me, it would consume my every thought. If I wasn’t actively working on a blanket, I was thinking about it. I would stay up all hours of the night to get a whole blanket done because I couldn’t stop. There was no organization and the dark circles under my eyes were starting to protest.

I realized I had to plan out my blankets from start to finish, that way I could work on them in steps and get those much needed breaks my body was screaming for. And as I had my boys, it became more important for me to spend my time with them so I decided that I had to do some much needed streamlining.

That is where the blank hexagon template come in!

I used to do all this on a grid paper but these are much better 😉

They are so customizable, it doesn’t matter how large your hexagons are. As long as you have the same number of rows and columns the layout will work for you.

The PDF contains two different sizes of layouts.

The first one is 8 rows by 6/7 hexagons (depending on the row) and the other one is 4x as big. This will allow you to customize the layout to your own preferences.

The smaller one is the same exact layout you will get when purchasing my Hayden Blanket Pattern, which you can purchase in my Etsy store.

Here are just some examples of what can be done with the blank template!

Click here to download your free template and get started!

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Happy creating!



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