Double Crochet Stitch

Welcome back to the crochet basics lessons!

We’ve learned chaining and single crochet so far. Now it’s time to add to our knowledge by building our skill with the double crochet.

The double crochet, DC, is probably my favorite stitch because of it’s versatility. The stitch can be used in so many way to create so many different designs and works of art!

As you continue your crochet journey you’ll be able to see and notice just how much the double crochet is used.

Alright enough chit chat, let’s get to what you can here for, the lesson!

What you need

– any hook and yarn

– your beautiful self

Step 1 from a chain start: assuming you’ve already created your chain. Yarn over your hook ONCE and insert into the third chain from the hook.

Step 1 from a turn start: assuming you already have a previous row worked. Chain 2 and turn your work.

Step 2: yarn over the hook once and insert hook into the space at the bottom of the chain

Step 3: yarn over again and pull hook back through the space. You should now have 3 loops on your hook.

Step 4: yarn hook once again and pull the hook through two loops. You now should only have 2 loops on your hook.

Step 5: yarn over once more and pull hook through remaining loops on your hook. You should now only have 1 loop on your hook.

This will complete your double crochet stitch.

Step 6: repeat steps over again until your confidence in the stitch is strong. Then go on to create some fantastic pieces! I know you can do it!

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