DIY Linen Hair Ties

Can we all agree that linen is a magical fabric?? It’s beautiful, breathable, and the texture can’t be beat. No wonder it’s popping up everywhere!

I was needing a quick sewing project and wanted to make something that helped me feel a bit more feminine. So I decided to make these very easy and simple hair ties.

They work up really fast, it took me less than an hour to make four ties! If you’d like to make it in less time then you can purchase the PDF pattern for only $1.49, all you have to do is cut, sew and wear. No measuring involved!

Two of my ties are straight linen, one is a seersucker material, and the last is a linen look alike with a watercolor-y print on it.

What you need

– linen fabric: I got my fabric in 6″ pieces from Joann’s.

(Honey linen, mauve linen, black and white seersucker, watercolorish linen look-a-like)

– serger + sewing machine | or just a sewing machine

– thread

– scissors

– your beautiful self

I’ll break the process into five steps.

Step 1: cut a 5″x36″ strip of linen fabric.

Step 2: fold strip length wise and serge/ sew the raw edge (1/4″ seam) as it shows in the above graphic. I eyeballed my diagonals so they were less than 45 degrees. Then cut the excess fabric on your ends. Make sure to leave a gap to turn your fabric right side out.

Step 3: turn the tie right side out and sew the gap/opening closed. This can be done before or after pressing, it’s just personal preference.

Step 4: press the linen hair tie flat.

Step 5: be a babe and rock your new linen hair tie and be proud when someone asks where you got it and you can reply “I made it myself!!”.

Wearing these in my hair has been so fun! So far I’ve only mastered the simple tie and I tried a bow (see pictures) but I’m looking forward to finding new ways to wear my ties in my hair!

I already feel the need to make more, they would be the perfect gift for any gal!

(Psst, any of my friends and family that reads my blog, you might be getting one of these for Christmas 😉)

I spent a total of $4.34 for the fabric and that included a 20% off coupon, got to love that Joann’s app!

I’ve made the PDF version of this tutorial for you! It is available in my store right now. It gives you a notions list, step by step instructions, and a printable template to cut out to put on your chosen fabric. All you have to do is cut around the template, sew and wear! You’ll be rocking that hair tie like a babe in no time flat! Click here to go right to my store.

Do you plan on making your own linen hair tie? If you do share with me on Instagram by tagging me in your photo and caption, I would LOVE to see it!




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