Meet The Donut Blanket

The Donut Blanket Pattern Cover Photo.JPG

You can purchase the PDF pattern of The Donut Blanket here.

This pattern has been a long time coming. It has been the number one thing requested from you ever since I made it over 2 years ago!

Did you know I also call it The Grey Blanket? It gets its second name from the little boy I first made it for. Kaylea Nixon of Nixon Pack contacted me and asked me if I could make a blanket of donuts for her little boy. The colors she wanted it done in were, can you guess, blues and greys! I still have the mock up square I made for Kaylea and I don’t think I will ever get rid of it.

This blanket and pattern means so much to me. The creative process was my favorite. I wanted the donut to look as close to the real thing as I could and that meant a whole lot of steps went into creating the final product.

I think (and I hope you will too) what makes this blanket so special and amazing is how well it depicts donuts. I wanted the glazing to pop from the donut because that is my favorite part of donuts, and a kids favorite part too, have you ever seen a donut eaten by a kid? All the glazing gets eaten off and then the dough part is left, never to be eaten!

All that sugary goodness! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.


I have put so much time into making this pattern as perfect and as easy to follow for you as I can. It is a really technical pattern with a lot of pieces and a lot of sewing as well as crocheting. I’ll break down exactly what you’ll be getting and why I think it has so much value.

It is 32 pages. Thirty-two, that’s like a small book! I seriously filled it to the brim of everything I could think of to make your donut blanket making a success.

Having made it a handful of times, I’ve gotten the process down to almost a science and I shared that in the pattern! Of course you can construct it however you’d like, buuuuut the way described in the pattern might just be the fastest way.

You’ll be getting the patterns for the donut and the glazing. Along with picture references and stitch diagrams for each as well.

I also added in 3 layout options for putting the blanket all together. So if by the end your brain has gone haywire from all the sprinkle sewing, you can just follow a layout with out having to plan what colors go where.


There is so much stuff in this pattern that if I described it all we’d be here for days, so here is peak at the table of contents.

table of contents sneak peak.pngI have put my heart into this blanket and pattern and I really, like really, hope you all enjoy and love it as much as I do. Thinking about all the blankets that will be made and all the memories to be made with them is making me emotional.

I just love this blanket so much. It has really provided me with so much growing in my crochet craft. My skill has improved with each make of the blanket and making it available for you to do the same has me so excited.


To purchase the pattern you can go directly to my store by clicking here. Etsy will take a minute to verify your purchase and then the PDF will ready for you in the download section.

Go to Purchase & Reviews > Find your purchase > Click Download Files

If you purchase the pattern and make your own donut blanket, please, please, please! Share with me on Instagram. I want to see alllllllll your pictures!

Have the BEST time making your own donut blanket, I know you’re going to love it!




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