Taking Over the Boye Yarn Crafts Instagram

I’m taking over the Boye Yarn Crafts instagram for a week, as part of their #boyetakeover maker series and I’m my jaw is still on the ground that I am working with them!

My favorite hook, the one I use for almost all my projects is a Boye size J. I use to have two that I would constantly switch between and when one went missing, at our old house, I was heartbroken. I mean, I know I can always go buy a new one but we’d been through a lot of stitches together! Do you know what I mean??

I favor my Boye hooks soooo much because instead of rotating my wrist while crocheting, I am rotating the hook in between my fingers and the smooth, thin profile of the hooks allows for me to just glide though stitches. Oh, goodness I love my hooks so much!

There will be six posts to look forward to, I’m going to talk more about why I love my boye hooks and other stuff too so come and hangout with me!

Follow along @boyeyarncrafts and connect with me there!

Guys I love you so dang much, thanks for being here with me on this crazy journey!



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