The Donut Blanket CAL – Getting Prepared

You ready to make your very own donut blanket??

If you’re participating in this CAL will you please share it with me on Instagram? Tag me in your posts and show me your creativity!

I am going to be sharing how I organize everything to make the blanket making process move quickly.

There will be a task for you to complete for each part of the CAL before moving onto each stage of making your own donut blanket.

Today’s CAL task is super simple,

1. Eat your favorite donut.

(mine is a chocolate cake donut covered with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips, it’s delicious as it sounds)

2. Make sure you’ve purchased your pattern, which you can do by clicking this link here.

3. Read the break down page and gather the needed supplies.

4. Read over the entire pattern so you have a general idea of what to expect.

The pattern provides you with the exact brands and colors I used to create my original donut blanket. I found all the yarn I used at my local Joann’s store.

If you’d like to use other yarn, that’s fine, just make sure it has enough structure to it. This blanket is very technical and needs yarn that holds shapes well.

If you decide to use a yarn of a different weight then know your measurements of the finished size will be different than mine, so you’ll have to account for that.

I’m really looking forward to our first crochet along together! I know how much you all love this blanket!

Next week we’ll be getting ourselves organized and ready to start making the donuts. I’ll see you then!



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