#CROCHETER Tumbler by Campbell Laser

campbell lazer x SA - Header image.png

Campbell Laser reached out to me and asked me to help promote their business. I personally know the owner and we have worked together to create the exclusive #crocheter tumbler.

I know I am far… far behind the insulated tumbler train but goodness, I am hooked! Do you think the train would loop around and pick me up?

If you want to know exactly how to get your own #CROCHETER tumbler then scroll down to where I tell you how. It’s after the picture where I chopped off my head and holding crochet hooks.


When it comes to me and beverages, I only have two that I can consistently drink. Sugar free lemonade and, ya guessed it, water.

While on my journey to fitness and leading a healthier lifestyle (I’m working on a post about it), I figured out that my body does not react well to processed sugars, I’m talking almost instant foggy head, blood sugar spiking and then crashing, my face breaking out, bloating, swelling, it’s bad you guys, so bad.

So I drink water whenever given the choice. I’ll have the occasional pop but I can only stomach sprite because of the sugar and carbonation buuuut that’s a whole other story!

I feel so weird admitting how picky I am about water ha! I’m picky because, ya know, it’s the only thing I can really drink without getting sick, so why not be picky about it? I won’t drink water straight from the tap, it HAS to be cooled. I get so bummed when our pitcher gets left out or I pull out an almost empty pitcher from the fridge.


I think that is why I love my insulated tumbler from Campbell Laser so. dang. much.

It’s like taking my fridge with me everywhere I go, to bed, to run errands, to sit on the couch, to drink at dinner, and even on our date nights. It’s my new favorite best friend and we are attached at the hip. It’s not weird, at all, to admit that I smile and get giddy every time I take a drink because the water is still cold, is it? (like I said, that train is gonna have to loop around and pick me up!)

When Campbell Laser reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in designing a tumbler with them, I knew I had to make one about crocheting, how could I NOT? I love it and I thought you all would love it too, please tell me I’m not wrong!

The owners of Campbell Laser are Chase & Ally Campbell. They started their business about 3 years ago. At first they did a lot of laser cutting metal and wood, then moved into powder coating and now their powder coated tumblers are a main seller!


Ally will be leaving her current job in October to focus on Campbell Laser full time, how awesome is that?! I’ve known Ally for a good majority of my life and she has always been a friend to me!

They are currently working on building their eCommerce site, so I’m going to tell you exactly how you go about snagging your own #CROCHETER insulated tumbler.

Step 1: Email Campbell Laser at camp.laser7@gmail.com with the subject line #CROCHETER Tumbler

Step 2: Ask for the #CROCHETER Campbell Laser x Saranne Aguirre tumbler. If you’d like a different color you can ask for that customization but otherwise it’ll be the white one I’ve designed with them.

Step 3: Tell them I sent ya and you’ll get 10% off your order. The tumbler is $30, making it $27!

Easy Peasy!

Soon you’ll be drinking chilled water all day and we’ll both be waiting for that train to pick us up, while working on our current crochet project of course!

When your tumbler arrives from Campbell Laser share with me on instagram and use the hashtag #campbelllaserxsaranne!

Love you lots




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