The Ohhio O-Cushion DIY kit


Ohhio reached out to me to review their O-cushion DIY kit. I received two DIY kits for my time and review. My opinions are solely my own. Professional photos taken and owned by Catie Yocom of Catie Yocom Photo, please do not copy, alter, or sell. 

Trying out the O-Cushion DIY kit by Ohhio, was great and I loved learning how to hand crochet!

This was my first time hand crocheting, believe it or not, and I loved it! How have I been crocheting for so long but never tried hand crochet? Even though it was my first time, it was incredibly easy to pick up and the instructions you are given, help so much. They are oriented from your perspective so it is an easy follow along when you’ve got the braid on your arm.

These cushions are so fun and quirky. They are definitely going to be conversation pieces for our home. I know exactly where they will be going too, we are going to get some black leather chairs for our front room and these fun o-cushions will be the perfect contrast to them! I can’t wait to be able to see them where they belong, it’s been a great 5 months waiting for our house to be done being built but we are ready to start making memories with our boys in those four walls!

I don’t want to keep you too long, so here are all the deets on what I thought about making my own o-cushion.

Ohhio created and launched their Ohhio Braid on Kickstarter in 2016 and had wild success. They won the Red Dot Award, a very prestigious design award, for their braid. How awesome is that! Visit their about page to learn even more about them.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know how your package arrives to you. It comes in a vacuumed packed bag. Once opened, a quick plumping with your fingers will get the Ohhio Braid back to it’s plump-y, squishy goodness.

Working the material, which is called Ohhio Braid, was incredibly easy. The thickness of the braid is just the right size to fit comfortably in your hand while you are working in and out of the loops on you arm.

Following the instructions from the pattern book was so easy too. They provide good quality photos with clear instructions helping you go from start to finish quickly. I finished each cushion in less than half an hour.


Ohhio has the DIY kit available on their website and you can choose from 5 different colors. Blue, Dark Grey, Grey (the color I got), Milk White, and Pink. You can also pick the size of the kit from small, medium (my pick), or large. All the colors are so perfect and would fit seamlessly into any type of decor and you’ll have a piece that everyone instantly falls in love with!

Overall my experience making the cushions from Ohhio was wonderful. The instructions were easy to understand, the braid was easy to work with, and the time to make them was minimal. I think this would be a great beginner project for anyone looking to pick up crocheting.


Are you going to try your “hand” at hand crocheting and pick yourself up a Ohhio O-Cushion DIY kit? If you do, let me know and be sure to share!





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