The Donut Blanket CAL – Getting Your Squares Made and Bordered

Ok, now that we have gotten all our materials and prepped for our donut blanket, it’s time to get crocheting!

If you still haven’t purchase your pattern you can do that now by clicking here.

There are a lot of steps to this blanket and today we are going to do the first few. We are making the actual square pieces that we’ll be joining together later.

The stitches used this week are all the basics; chaining, single, half double, double, and triple. For a refresher of how to crochet those stitches just click on their links. I don’t have one for the half double stitch, sorry!, it’s on it’s way though!

Let’s get going with our tasks for the week! Ah! Are you excited to finally get crocheting this beauty??

Reference the guides in your pattern as often as you need to. I wanted to make it as easy for you to make your own, that’s why I put a ton of pictures and diagrams into the pattern!

Here are you tasks to complete this week

1. Make one or two pieces all the way through, just the sand and white colors (don’t do any glazing yet). This will familiarize yourself with the pattern even further so you can turn into a square making machine and crank all 36 pieces out quickly.

2. Make the rest of the 36 circles before adding the white border.

3. Don’t skip the invisible seam sections of the pattern. By doing the invisible seam, you’ll be keeping your stitch count correct and when it comes time to join, all the stitches will line up! (Click here, for the invisible seam post)

4. Add the white border to your donuts.

5. Weave in ends, if you’ve chosen to weave them in stages

6. Sit back, look at your hard work, and eat your favorite donut.

This is a big bulk of your blanket, so I’m giving you a whole week to get all your squares done before we move onto creating our glazings.

If you haven’t decided what color your glazings and sprinkles are going to be, take this week to decide and share with me on instagram, I want to see!

If you have any troubles or just have any questions while making your squares, hit me up on Instagram, I’ll see them the best there.

Click here for previous weeks post and click here for next weeks post.

Have fun!



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