The Donut Blanket CAL – Preparing the Donut Glaze

Now that we’ve created aaaallll the donut squares together we are going to put them aside and make our glazings.

Before we get any farther, if you haven’t bought the pattern yet, you probably should because it’s an awesome pattern and also because these blog post just sound like gibberish without it! Click here to get yours.

This is where the pattern gets really technical, with a lot of moving pieces. To keep them all straight find some kind of container to hold all your glazings so you don’t lose any. We all know what it feels like to have to remake pieces!

If you are following the color guides given to you in the pattern, then you will have 4 glazing colors to work with.


To move through the glazing quickly, it is best to work with only one color at a time. That is a pretty obvious suggestion but it really does work. Also leave both the beginning and end tails longer than 12 inches because you’ll be using them to sew on the glazing to the donuts later. I even suggest making the ending tail even longer, like 24 inches, since you’ll be following the uneven glazing edge and will need all the extra tail you can get!

The last tip is for the last row of your glazing and since we’ve read through the pattern then you know it is free hand! It is free hand so we can get random uneven edging to the glazing, just like a real donut! In the pattern I’ve given you three example stitch diagrams of my own free-handing. Use these to get comfortable with the technique and then try your own, you might find how fun it is to go off pattern and make your pattern even more unique!

With all those tips, lets get to your tasks for the week.

  1. Work your glazing’s color by color.
  2. Leave your ends loooong.
  3. Eat a donut.
  4. Try your skill at free-handing after getting comfortable with the examples.
  5. Organize aaall those dang pieces.

That is it for this weeks crochet along! Next week we are going to do all the sewing, sprinkles and sewing on the glazings. So sorry in advance for your sore fingers!

Share with me your progress on instagram by tagging me (@thewhistlingbluebird) in your pictures and by using the hashtag #thedonutblanket.

See you next week!




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