Hobbii Yarn and Free Knit Beanie Pattern

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Hobbii reached out to me and asked if I would try out some of their yarn and share about it here on the blog. We also agreed to host a giveaway together which can be entered on my Instagram.

Hey you! Thanks for coming to read my review of Hobbii yarn and to try your hand at making your own basic beanie.

The free pattern is located at the very end of the post. I also made a premium version that has even more detailed instruction, step by step pictures, stitch diagram, tips and troubleshooting) that can be purchased here, if you want the extra help 🙂

Let’s get to my Hobbii review shall we,

It was a privilege to work with Hobbii. They are located in Copenhagen, Denmark, a beautiful place I have always wanted to visit and where some of my ancestors originated from, so I’m thinking Hobbii and I were meant to be a good match! They have pretty every thing you need to make whatever your heart desires. If you’d like to learn more about them you can read more at their ‘about’ page.

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I was allowed to pick the yarn I most wanted to work with and I chose the Happy Sheep Simple Wool, in dusty pink. I picked the wool fiber to gain more experience working with wool since my experience had been limited. I’m always looking for ways to grow and improve and I thought working with the wool would be the perfect opportunity.

Shipping was relatively fast, considering it was international! I got my package within the week that it was sent and I started working with my yarn the day it showed up on my porch.

The weight of the simple wool is dk/lightweight, even though I work mostly with worsted weight, the dk weight was satisfying to watch work up. It created a nice, tight knit, that I think looks great. I think I am definitely going to be working with this yarn weight a lot more!

The wool was great, it had a nice feel in my hands and held it’s shape really well. After making a test swatch for my gauging I felt pretty confident working with the yarn.

I designed the hat to feel like it is barely there on your head and the wool makes it so cozy. It’s like you’re wrapped up in a blanket wherever you go. The wool is so cozy that I am seriously considering buying enough to make a sweater, if that happens I’ll definitely let you know (there’s a good chance it will!).

All in all I really enjoyed learning how to work with wool more and my love for the fiber has grown so much! Hobbii has been a great company to work with and they offer so so so so many yarn choices.

It was nice to work with yarn that I don’t have available to me in my local stores and it makes me want to dive even deeper into the world of yarn! Join me, pick up a few skeins and we’ll learn together!

*free pattern after these pictures



materials needed/used

  • Hobbii Happy Sheep Simple Wool – dusty rose (dk, lightweight)
  • Knitting needles size 4
  • Stitch markers

Gauge 5 stitches per inch

Round 1: cast on 100 stitches. The cast on method used is the long tail method but any method would work.

R 2: using the knitting in the round technique, begin ribbing in a 1:1 ratio by doing a knit stitch followed by a purl stitch and repeat in the round, for example; K1, P1, K1, P1, … K1, P1. The last stitch in the round should be a purl. Mark the beginning and of the round by placing a stitch maker between the first and last stitch

R 3 – 14: repeat round two and create the 1:1 ribbing cuff for the beanie

R 15: K1 in every stitch.

R 16 – 57: repeat round 15 for all other rounds. Making sure to keep the stitch marker moving with each round.


Step 1: instead of casting off your needles, cut a long tail and thread on your needle. Then thread the tail through each stitch of round 57 until all stitches are off the needles.

Step 2: pull yarn until the opening is small and you can no longer pull the yarn. Be careful not to pull too hard, you don’t want to break the yarn.

Step 3: sew the small remaining opening closed and weave in the tail end.


Step 1: make any size pompom (personal preference).

Step 2: attach the pompom to the top of the beanie and secure it firmly on the inside of the beanie. Weave in remaining ends.

Weave in any remaining ends and your beanie is ready to wear!

Like I said above, you can purchase the premium pattern, if you want a more organized pattern with plenty of extra photos and help to get your hat juuuust right. The pattern itself is the exact same but you’ll receive a PDF version for you to print out or view on your computer.

I want to see your basic beanies! Tag me on instagram and use the hashtag #thebasicbeanie. Come hang with me over on my favorite social media!




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