The Donut Blanket CAL – Sewing, Sewing, Sewing.

img_9410Ok, we’ve got all of our pieces crocheted. Now it is time to sew everything.

Are you ready? It is a lot of sewing and I’m apologizing now for your sore fingers, sorry! I promise it is going to be very, VERY worth it in the end!

I want to keep this post simple and quick so you can get to all those sprinkles and sewing the glazings on.

Here are my tips for organizing yourself and those sprinkles!

Work one color of sprinkle at a time. That means do every white sprinkle on every glazing that requires a white sprinkle (30 of them) then move onto the next color and then the next until your done. I like working them like this because once your done with one color, your done. No going back to work with it later.

Leave a long enough sprinkle tail to sew into the back of the glazing. Also be careful not to sew down the tail. I’ve done that more than a few times, and let me tell you, things get frustrating real fast (redoing that color sprinkles). Do yourself a favor and pay attention to those sprinkle ends!

Make sure to follow parallel to the glazing edges when sewing them onto your donuts, we want to keep things hidden!

Ok, there’s my tips, now here’s your tasks.

  1. Eat a donut and share one with a friend
  2. Sew in every sprinkle on every glazing
  3. Sew glazings onto donuts
  4. Tap a needed nap
  5. Rest those fingers!

Alright, we are SO close to finishing this blanket! Wohoo! All that is left to do is joining, bordering, and sewing in the last of the ends.

Share, share, share with me on instagram. I want to see your blankets and the colors you chose if you’re deviating from the colors in the pattern!

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The Donut Blanket Pattern

Thanks for crocheting along with me!



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