The Donut Blanket CAL – Joining, Bordering & Finishing


We are in the home stretch!

It’s the final count down!

Here we are! The very last part of making our donut blankets!

Have you enjoyed creating your own masterpiece? I’m sure it is beautiful and so gorgeous, just like you!

All the time consuming, hard parts are over. This is where you can finally see the master piece come together and revel in your creation.

This is my favorite part of every blanket making process because of the beauty you get to witness each time a blanket is joined together. I makes my heart sing!

Alrighty here are my tips for joining, bordering and finishing!

In my pattern I give 3 free layout options for you to use if you don’t want to worry about making them fit well together. I get it, sometimes you just want to plug and chug!

You can use the free template I offer in the pattern itself to plan your layout or you can download the free printable I posted a month or so ago. I gives the same template + and even larger template!

When first joining you will be working with two rows at once, so make sure you are paying attention to your color placement. I like to always put row #2 on top of row #1 and then join them together. So if you placed the joined squares down and opened it so they are flat, row 2 would be above row 1. If that makes any sense!

Bordering is suuuuper easy. Remember to work in the back loop only when adding the first row of your border. This is done to finish the outline of the squares on the edges.

Here are your tasks for the week

1. Do a little dance that you’re almost done.

2. Layout your blanket.

3. Join the pieces together, using the joining guide provided in the pattern.

4. Border the whole blanket

5. Weave in the last of the ends!

I like to wash my blankets after everything is done. They turn out soft and ready to snuggle up with. I put them into the washer by themselves and wash on delicate. Then I tumble dry them on delicate as well.

Share your finished blanket with me, by tagging me in your posts and captions (@thewhistlingbluebird). I want to see all your happy faces!

Thank you so much for purchasing the pattern and supporting me. It really does mean the world to me and keeps me going, Thank You!



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